Are Dominican Salons sneaking relaxers into its products?

If you're a naturalista who frequents Dominican salons, you may have heard rumors about stylists secretly adding relaxers to their products. Whether you’re a first-timer or a regular at the salon, it can be difficult to know if your hair is in good hands. In this blog post, we'll look into the allegations in greater detail … Continue reading Are Dominican Salons sneaking relaxers into its products?

Product Highlight: Kaleidoscope Hair Products

Most of us grow up with a love/hate relationship with our hair. We never seem to be satisfied with our hair texture or length. If you have curly hair, you want straight hair, or vice versa. We dye and fry our hair and change the styles to fit our personalities or whatever phases we go … Continue reading Product Highlight: Kaleidoscope Hair Products

New Year, New Hair: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Hairstyle for you in 2023!

A new year often brings with it the desire for a new look. You're not the only one who has considered changing the way your hair looks. Millions of people make the decision to alter their hairstyle each year in the hopes of beginning the year with a fresh look. But it can be difficult … Continue reading New Year, New Hair: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Hairstyle for you in 2023!


Understanding that "one size fits all" does not work for skin treatment and makeup will go a long way in your skincare journey. Interestingly, it is a case of various treatments for different skin types. Some people experience terrible breakouts solely because of the wrong makeup and treatment. To help you understand, there are different … Continue reading MAKEUP FOR SENSITIVE SKIN

Celebrity Highlight: Ashanti

Ashanti is a modern-day Renaissance woman.  Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas is a famous singer and actress from the United States, who was discovered when she was a teenager, and later, in 2002, signed to Murder Inc. Records. Ashanti's lifelong dream was to become a successful musician, but the road to that goal was not an easy … Continue reading Celebrity Highlight: Ashanti


Many times, people get terrified at the thought of keeping and maintaining their curly hair. Unfortunately, this is because the curly hair type, when not properly managed and taken care of, can get burdensome and tiring. To enjoy the best of your curly hair, you should desire to understand how best to keep your hair … Continue reading QUENCH YOUR THIRSTY CURLS!

Must-Have Hair Tools

As a woman, one of the significant contributors to our self-esteem is the state and condition of our hair. I remember when I had to deal with Alopecia due to childbirth and hormonal changes. This situation temporarily affected some of my self-esteem, but I overcame it…. well, I learned to manage my conditions, feelings, and … Continue reading Must-Have Hair Tools

Covid 19 and Hair Loss: Everything You Didn’t and Should Know

"Let's go out, catch some Covid-19, and oh, lose some hair too," said no woman ever. But sadly, life doesn't need our permission to happen and sometimes it will hit us with the exact thing that scares us the most.  The truth is that Covid-19 is horrible enough on its own. I mean, merely testing … Continue reading Covid 19 and Hair Loss: Everything You Didn’t and Should Know

Bridal Hair Tips and Styles for Queens

There is hardly anyone more excited than a soon-to-be bride. The adrenaline rush is like a tidal wave. Every bit of happiness is obvious; everyone can feel it. You can hardly contain your joy, such that you almost jump out of your skin. It is not unusual for brides to be super excited about their … Continue reading Bridal Hair Tips and Styles for Queens

Celebrity Highlight: Meg-Thee-Stallion

Riddle me this! I am a Grammy-winning American rapper whose lyrics categorically discuss gender, race, and sex. I am an emblem of confidence, and body positivity, as anyone can see in most of my songs. Who am I? This riddle captures the essence of Megan Thee Stallion and her achievements of the past few years.  … Continue reading Celebrity Highlight: Meg-Thee-Stallion