Bridal Hair Tips and Styles for Queens

There is hardly anyone more excited than a soon-to-be bride. The adrenaline rush is like a tidal wave. Every bit of happiness is obvious; everyone can feel it. You can hardly contain your joy, such that you almost jump out of your skin. It is not unusual for brides to be super excited about their weddings. This excitement is further justified because weddings only happen once in a lifetime (or at least that’s the goal). There are many things to put in place, and you don’t want to leave any of it to chance. Although the bride and groom are the main attraction—followed by the bride’s big gown reveal—the makeup and hair must SLAY, pulling the entire look together!

Most brides are tense when their wedding day is fast approaching. It is because there are many things to prepare for, and every bride wants their big day to be worthwhile. Getting a wedding planner will go a long way in making things easy. However, your ensemble (dress, hair, makeup, and so on) is totally up to you, and you don’t want to screw that up. So, getting a bridal hairstyle that’s just right is crucial. I mean, we are talking about your appearance. You don’t want anyone to steal your shine on your wedding day.

If the big question of your wedding day is how to select the best hairstyle for yourself, then you have nothing to worry about. This piece is dedicated to helping you handpick the perfect hairstyle to make you stand out on that big day. So, let’s get right into it.

Tips on Bridal Hair

What is tricky about beauty and appearance is that it is a very subjective idea – there is no one way to go about it. Different styles work for different people, and that’s okay. I understand wanting to impress everyone around with your look because it is your big day. But here is the gist: you can’t dress to impress everyone, and you don’t have to! The fact that there is no universal standard on “best hair styles” gives you the opportunity for ingenuity. It leads to the very first tip:

 Be Yourself and Set Your Standard

On your wedding day, you should look like the very best version of yourself. First, of course, you want the person you’re marrying and your guests to recognize you as you walk down the aisle. But, even more importantly, you want to feel comfortable and supremely confident. True beauty, after all, comes from within.

You can tune out the advice that will surely come from friends or family, even if it’s well-meaning.

If you want extensions, get them.
If you don’t want to grow out your short haircut, don’t.
If you don’t want to wear that family heirloom, don’t.

This day is about you and your partner. This is not about what others want for you.  There is only one person you want to impress on your wedding day: your groom. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, they say. So, guess who is dying to behold you on that very day? Yes, you are right; it is your groom.

Again, let’s emphasize the need to do you!  Remember, this is your day. The best way to derive the utmost satisfaction on this day is to do everything knowing that you (and your groom) are pleased with it.

As you already know, not all hairstyles will suit your hair. You’ll also want to consider your hair texture and length, because if you want that shellacked updo style, you’ll need long-ish hair to achieve it. There are many unique hairstyles for short hair brides, so don’t let that freak you out. As for hair texture, don’t fight Mother Nature. Curly hair looks amazing, either down or up, styled or natural. Straight hair can be curled into waves and wound into ornate updos (with the help of pins and hairspray). Wavy hair can be straightened or curled and is the perfect texture for half-up/half-down styles and updos.

Source: Pexels

Let Your Dress Lead You.  

Okay, as the woman in charge, you and your wedding planner have waded through the many colorful dresses to single out what is best for you. You don’t want to pair the wedding dress with a hairstyle that will be out of touch. Your dress should lead the way in your hairstyle selection. “You want to consider the dress’s silhouette to ensure your hairstyle compliments it.” In other words, you should pick your dress before you do anything hair-wise. A bride’s hair should complement her dress, not compete with it.

Visualize your special day.  

One way to have a colorful wedding crowned with a perfect hairstyle is to visualize the way ahead. First, envision what you would like to see around and tailor all your preparations towards that. It is in your interest to consider the wedding theme when selecting a hairstyle.

Are you a casual person getting married barefoot on a beach? Consider keeping your hair down. Do you want a royal-like wedding that will cost about $ 1,000 per wedding guest, or do you wish to marry on the top floor of a Manhattan high rise? A formal updo might be best. Is this a farm wedding? Cascading curls! Consider if you’ll keep the veil on for the reception or take it off after the wedding ceremony. Most brides take it off, but pictures can be romantic if you wear your veil at the reception. It’s all up to you. The point is to pick the hairstyle that suits the atmosphere of your wedding; you don’t want to appear out of place.

Another essential thing is to ensure the different colors blend properly. If you intend to dye your hair differently, it is advisable to do it in advance.

Brides are encouraged by beauty experts to finalize their hair color goals at least 6-weeks before their weddings. “This allows time for things to settle in and ensures this is the hair color you truly want for your wedding day. It will also give you time to try on your dress with that hair color to ensure it’s right.” This is sage advice, considering that hair color can ultimately sway the styling and decision-making surrounding your final bridal look, and whether you choose to don a dress in color for the reception, after party, or even the aisle.

Tips On Picking the Best Hairstyles

Source: Pexels

These tips are worth considering when choosing your preferred hairstyle.

  • Look through Pinterest for ideas. Keep in mind many photos are styles with extensions. If you are uncomfortable wearing extensions, try other advanced hair thickening treatments to give instant fullness after just one use.
  • Mix & Match Hairstyles (i.e., a photo of a front hairstyle and another photo of the back from a different hairstyle)
  • Bring in a photo of your dress so your stylist can ensure your hair fits with the dress style.
  • Come along with your veil or hair accessories for the stylist to try out during your hair trial.
  • Be honest with your stylist about your expectations and speak up if you don’t love the style you end up with. Many brides have more than one hair trial before they settle on a style they love.
  • You may also decide to spend the rest of the day with that hairstyle to ensure it will hold up your wedding day.

 Best Bridal Hairstyles to Consider

While your preferred hairstyle may vary, if you have long hair, you already have a perfect canvas to start with. Long hairstyles for weddings are some of the most popular options, and with good reason. People feel safe and more secure with long hair on their wedding day.  However, comfort and confidence come from within so whether you have short, medium, or long hair— rock it natural or add some hair— have fun and do what’s right for you!

Here are some hairstyles you may want to rock on your wedding day.

Chignon: A chignon is a classic wedding hairstyle for long hair. The style typically features a low bun with pins at the neck’s nape.

Old Hollywood waves: These Old Hollywood waves add loads of glamor to any look. The hairstyle plays well with simple and trendy wedding dresses and makeup but still looks classic and timeless.

Natural Curls: The natural hair movement has been an inspiration, so, consider wearing your natural hair texture on your wedding day. You can be just as creative with your hairstyles and get to avoid the hot tools.

Low-Braided Buns: Buns are an ideal everyday hairstyle, but you can take them up a notch by adding braids and other elements like flowers for your wedding hairstyle.

Half-up, half-down: This wedding hairstyle will always be in style. It’s one of the most popular go-to hairstyles for brides because it combines the best of both worlds: soft, romantic curls and the polished beauty that comes with an updo. You can elevate your look by adding loose curls and hair accessories to accentuate the different sections of hair.

Ponytails: Ponytails aren’t just for laid-back days; they’re also ideal for weddings, as they’re both contemporary and elegant.  This fits a minimalist bride and might look best with a neat ponytail.  It will easily work with both medium and long hair, which is its main benefit.  For every girl, it’s a classic choice.

You can have a straight ponytail for a simple look for big girls to add a little drama.  Have fun and do what best highlights your features and fits your budget and needs.

Source: Google Images

Braids and Crochet/ Goddess Locs: Braids are a great wedding hairstyle to rock!  Braids are not only artistic, but they are also a protective hairstyle that can withstand any weather, which is particularly useful if you have to cope with humidity at an outdoor wedding in the summer.  Although they appear to be an underrated wedding option, braids shouldn’t be ruled out.

Let’s quickly discuss the significance of braids in Black culture. Braided hairstyles were a distinctive way for each tribe to be recognized in numerous African tribes. A person’s tribe, age, marital status, level of money, authority, and religion might be inferred from their braid patterns and haircuts. A social art, braiding was and still is.

Crochet perfectly fits into this group. The installation of crochet (i.e., goddess locs or braids) takes less time than the installation of individual braids, but it also acts as a protective hairdo and holds in all kinds of weather.

Crochet and Braids can create romantic, sexy, classy, or edgy looks. Let’s embrace these options as a bride.

Straight Hair: You might choose to rock sultry straight hair that will rest on your shoulders with comfort. Straight wedding hairstyles can be glamorous and chic or effortlessly laidback and low-key.

Updo’s: Another popular hairdo among brides of all ages that always looks perfect is a wedding updo. Due to the updo’s versatility— which includes French twists, bridal buns, chignons, braided, twisted, and knotted styles that can all be created with natural hair, extensions, weaves, and braids— a bride will always be able to find one that will work for her hair texture and bridal style.

This is an alternative to half up, half down. You may leave everything at the top and rock it like a natural crown as the queen you are.

French Braids and Fishtail Braids: This hairstyle blends perfectly with your natural hair to give a tail-like shape around your shoulder, leaving you with a more natural look.

Short Hairstyles: Not everyone is comfortable with hair swinging around their shoulders. If you are one such person, there are numerous short hairstyles to give you the off-shoulder vibe you crave.


Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Your hairstyle is a crucial determinant of that glorious day. So, every effort you put into getting it right will surely pay off. So, continue to SLAY sis! 

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