Many times, people get terrified at the thought of keeping and maintaining their curly hair. Unfortunately, this is because the curly hair type, when not properly managed and taken care of, can get burdensome and tiring. To enjoy the best of your curly hair, you should desire to understand how best to keep your hair … Continue reading QUENCH YOUR THIRSTY CURLS!

How To Repair Damaged Hair

Ever noticed your hair thinning and falling out more than usual? Perhaps you come from a long line of women who begin to lose their hair as soon as they hit age 40, and you’re worried that the same may be true for you.  Many factors can cause hair loss in women.. For some, stress … Continue reading How To Repair Damaged Hair

Judged By Our Follicles

Being a multicultural woman with African American roots (pun definitely intended) I have felt this acutely. I have never been fully comfortable wearing my Au naturel curly locks to a job interview because I never wanted my interviewers to see me as "unprofessional" or "untamed.”  I would always straighten my hair or put it in a sleek ponytail because I felt that interviewers would then take me more seriously.