Top 10 Black Celebrity Hairstylists

It’s truly exciting when talented Black artists employ their skills to bring the black community much-needed representation in a given field. When Black creatives shine, Hollywood and the entertainment world feel the impact of Black artistry. 

Are you searching for some hair inspiration?

Do you need a new style for your beautiful black hair?

One of the best areas to find your ideal hair inspiration is on the Instagram page of a celebrity hairstylist.

OWN The Power Of Social Media

These hairdressers are the best at what they do, and they also know how to own the powers of social media. Thanks to social media platforms like Instagram, these hairstylists create distinguished portfolios to display their work.

In this article, you’ll uncover a list of the industry’s most notable Black hairdressers. All ten of them are Black creatives who’ve gained publicity by putting their social media platforms to work for them.

Enter a world of glamour and hairstyle versatility, and trace the influence of these Black stylists’ muses, including:

  • Logan Browning
  • Zendaya
  • Solange 
  • Zoë Kravitz

These celebrity muses help Black artists to showcase their crafts on the biggest stages. 

When you visit these Black stylists’ pages, you’ll be welcomed into a splendid array of “hairlegance,” browsing styles like::

  • Intricate braids
  • Luscious curls
  • Protective styles

Simply put, these hairdressers create a spectacular festival of Black grace and hair artistry. Check out our top 10 Black celebrity hairdressers and consider following your favorites!

Top 10 Black Celebrity Hairdressers

  1. Nikki Nelms

If you’re looking to add a dash of stunning editorial styling to your feed, you should keep close tabs on Nikki Nelms. 

She is your go-to hairdresser for a broad spectrum of styles, but she especially takes pride in her elegant sculptural braids hairstyle wrapped in gold wire. She’s also known for some twists dripping in the beads style. Essentially, Nikki Nelms is one next-level creative that stands out from the crowd.

Her works with Solange for over ten years speak volumes about her creativity. She styled Solange’s hair for all her music videos in her album, A Seat At The Table, released in 2016. 

One of her cool hairstyles was the beaded bob, adorned with wooden beads and cowrie shells. What an iconic look!

Solange styled by Nikki Nelms. Photo Credit: Instagram

  1. Lacy Redway

Second on our list is the Jamaican-born Lacy Redway, a truly creative hairdresser. Being that my life partner is from Jamaican Jamaican blood running through our kids, she holds a special place on my favorites list.

Her feed offers a mixed assortment of hairstyles that have enjoyed celebrity status. For instance, supermodel Jourdan Dunn once rocked a sleek blowout Lacy made. Also, actress Tessa Thompson sported an elevated pearl-studded updo. All credits to Lacy Redway!

Redway passes that fierce and assertive aura with an undertone of romance and femininity.

Jourdan Dunn styled by Lacy Redway. Photo Credit: Getty Images

  1. Ursula Stephen

Ursula Stephen boasts a remarkable array of celebrity clients. Her client roster parades celebrities like Rihanna, and Zendaya. However, her dedication to nurturing younger hairdressers on the cutting and styling of natural hair is even more remarkable. On her page, you will experience endless BTS access to stunning red-carpet appearances and hairdressing tutorials. 

Rihanna styled by Ursula Stephen. Photo Credit: Instagram

  1. Vernon François

Vernon François, an educator and a renowned hair stylist, is one of the most distinguished names in the present-day celebrity hair community. 

He transitioned from creating braids on mops to styling celebrities like Hollywood sensation, Lupita Nyong’o. Presently, he utilizes his platform to speak about the impacts of hair on personality in various cultures.

Serena Williams styled by Vernon Francis. Photo Credit: Instagram

  1. Marcia Hamilton

Hairdresser Marcia Hamilton stays current on every hair trend and styles them on numerous young Hollywood influencers, including. Some of them are Zolee Griggs and Yara Shahidi.

Hamilton takes her chances with color, and her bravery has inspired women all around the world to have a go at neon-bright braids.

Alicia Keys styled by Marcia Hamilton. Photo Credit: Getty Images

  1. Takisha Sturdivant-Drew

Takisha Sturdivant-Drew is the hairstyle mastermind for many influential women in Hollywood. Women like Frances Turner, Kerry Washington, and artist and activist Cleo Wade are on Takisha’s client roster. 

In addition, she operates a salon in Brooklyn with her own hair-care line, TSD Hair. Sturdivant-Drew loves bold embellishments and will motivate you to go all out with hair accessories.

Frances Turner styled by Takisha Sturdivant-Drew. Photo Credit: Instagram

  1. Felicia Leatherwood

Felicia Leatherwood is a celebrity hairdresser and curl expert. Additionally, she tours the world to enlighten people on the significance of texture inclusion in the entire hair industry.

Have you seen and admired Issa Rae’s beautiful, and detailed hairdos, either while watching Insecure or checking out the red carpet? Leatherwood deserves the credit for that!

Issa Rae styled by Felicia Leatherwood. Photo Credit: Getty Images

  1. Nai’vasha Johnson

 Nai’vasha Johnson is an outstanding hairdresser. She artfully developed some of the most high-end fashion campaigns, and partners so far include Alicia Keys and Tracee Ellis Ross.

She is most distinguished for her romantic methods in hairstyling.

Tracey Ellis Rose styled by Nai’vasha Johnson. Photo Credit: Getty Images

  1. Chuck Amos

Chuck Amos is a distinguished Hollywood hair legend who spreads contagious happiness whenever he is on set. Amos skillfully employs his platform to showcase all he does. You can catch a view of Beyoncé and Naomi Campbell throwbacks, and every BTS photoshoot, right on his page.

Aside from giving his followers curl ideas for days, Amos also spreads positivity in the beauty world via his feed.

Brandy Norwood styled by Chuck Amos. Photo Credit: Getty Images

  1. Kim Kimble

Trained at the Vidal Sassoon Academy, this third-generation hairdresser raises hairdressing to an authentic art fashion. Kim Kimble’s works might not be featured in museums for now, but various superstars often sport her styles.

Stars like Mary J. Blige, Shakira, Beyoncé, Zendaya, and Evvie McKinney are notable names on her client roster.

I can personally attest to Kim Kimble’s amazing talent. The first year I lived in Los Angeles, I was booked to shoot photos for a hair-related website. Kim was the stylist for my photo shoot, and she was in charge of all the hair and wigs! The job itself was exciting, but knowing I was being styled by the same person Beyonce relies on took the experience to the next level. My friends all know that, alongside Michael  Jackson, Beyonce is among my favorite artists!

Beyoncé’s hair styled by Kim Kimble. Photo Credit: Getty Images


Some of these hairdressers approach their work as a science, and others treat it as art. Either way, these celebrity hairdressers challenge norms and expand the boundaries of hairdressing.

Not only can you get hair inspirations from these hairdressers, but you can also simply enjoy the sight of “hairlegant” Black charm and the glamour the Black race is known for.

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