How Hairstyles Affect the Type of Man You Attract

When listing their preferences in women, some men pay more attention to their hair than others; especially if the woman in question has the “potential” of becoming the ONE. A good hairstyle can completely pull your look together and give your overall style a major upgrade. Your hair helps determine the type of men who approach you. Let me be clear: we are not saying there is a particular hairstyle women must wear to get a man. NO! Most of my girls stayed natural and still found love. However, some specific groups of men seem to be attracted to certain hairstyles. 

Men will have different preferences for and reactions to the hairstyle you decide to rock as a woman. Some men will judge the kind of person you are, or may be, based on your hairstyle. Although hairstyles shouldn’t be a factor, they are part of the attraction that brings two lovebirds together. Have you ever noticed that when you change your hairstyle, different kinds of men approach you? For instance, if I wear a long hairstyle, I get a “hey” from youngies with some swag. On the other hand, if I wear short hair, the reverse is the case. I get hooked with working professional  men. So, every hairstyle comes with a different vibe. 

Did you know men judge your personality based on your hairstyle choice? Not just men, actually! I think everyone does. Sometimes when you change your hair, you prompt others to draw up their own assumptions about your reasons. Maybe you decided to give your hair some color or  a significant length change. People may see you as a different person. However, deep down you are still you. It just feels different! 

As a Natural, just like you, I get quite a handful of compliments:the good and the bad. While rocking my curls with color at the tip, I am not surprised by compliments like, “Your hair is beautiful” or, unfortunately, weird winks from strangers or creepy looks from outsiders/passersby. Your type of hair greatly influences the type of men you attract. That’s our focus throughout this article! 

Let’s consider what a man sees or feels about you based on the type of hair you rock. While some men appreciate you for being #TeamNatural, some would rather see your hair straight or permed. Different people with different needs, you say? Some men love your hair up, some love it down, while other men are just comfortable with both.

A guy notices  your hair as soon as he sees you from a distance. That may have even been the reason he approached you in the first place. Some men would pick a dark-haired woman as their Special Someone, while some men prefer shiny hair to glossy hair. What can we do? ALL MEN WERE BORN DIFFERENTLY!

Some men are just as natural as you. They’re not freaked out by a perfectly groomed hairstyle. They love touchable hair as long as it is natural, long and wavy. Others love your hair long and love to see your locks resting just on your shoulders.  

We are all entitled to our preferences, so I say rock your hair depending on the occasion, your vibe and your journey.  Just be you, because the person who needs to accept and love you the most is YOU!

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