Men and Hair Units (Weaves)

It is no longer news that weaves, traditionally worn by women, have extended their tentacles to the male gender Fashion trends are fast becoming less gendered and more unisex.

With the advent of the man weave, formally referred to as hair replacement unit, hair system, or cranial prosthesis, many men suffering from balding, thinning, or hair loss disorders like alopecia have regained their confidence. By simply having a weave installed for them by a professional, without undergoing any surgical procedure, these men can enjoy full heads of hair once again.


A single installation of a man’s weave with a custom-made hair unit inclusive costs between $275 and $800. It is reasonable to say that hair stylists, hair suppliers, and barbers are staying busy and invariably pumping money into the multi-billion dollar black hair care industry. 


This procedure takes between 90 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the technical skill required to achieve the desired style. The first step is to wash the scalp, and the second step is to draw out the hairline with a marker, then apply the anti-itch treatment. The adhesive is applied all over the bald or affected area to hold the man unit firmly, and afterward, a hand-held blow dryer secures the man unit firmly to the adhesive. With the man unit firmly fixed, the hair is cut, trimmed, and shaped to complement the head. To ensure that the hairline is full and sharp, an atomizer can be used to emit additional fiber.


Wade Menendez, popularly known as “Wade, the barber,”  is a master barber, business owner, and entrepreneur from Baltimore, Maryland, who made man unit popular. Wade, a hair loss specialist, was one of the few barbers to offer and install man weave for men. Ever since Wade started installing the man units in 2016, he has since become a messiah and game-changer for balding men, restoring their confidence one-man unit at a time.


While it is possible to wear a man weave while swimming and bathing, wearing a shower cap in the shower is a must. Depending on proper maintenance, a man unit can last from a month to a year. Nevertheless, a trip to the barber’s shop for adequate care in between replacements is not a bad idea at all. To help the hair’s look and texture last longer, it is wise to wear a Durąg or head covering at night.


Regardless of gender, hair is an essential factor in individuals’ lives. Normalizing men wearing extensions will take some time, but it’s undoubtedly achievable. A relatively simple solution like installing a man unit can help boost a man’s ego, quickly becoming a widespread trend. Men find satisfaction in problem-solving, and the man unit is the perfect solution to help them feel attractive, refreshed, and rejuvenated.

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