Let me just get this out the way . . .  I was beyond excited about writing this blog!  I am a fan of the ’90s, especially when it comes to hairstyles!  

The ’90s were celebrated for too many reasons to count, including:

Boy bands like Boyz II Men and NSYNC served us classic sound non-stop. 

From one award show to another, celebrities gave us jaw-dropping red carpet looks. 

We enjoyed first-class artistry in 10 Things I Hate About You and Clueless. Cash Money saw its turn to be in vogue in the ’99s and early ‘00s. 

Truly, what happened in the 90s still influences our lifestyles today. The ‘90s influence on today’s hairstyles is apparent!

‘90s hairstyles were iconic: 

Janet Jackson’s Poetic Justice braids changed the game. 

At one point, crimped hair was a whole new craze.

Various sleek tiny hair accessories, like headbands and barrettes, came into vogue.

Some top celebrities of the decade, like Britney Spears, were popular for their long hair. At the same time, many others, like Halle Berry, wore exclusively classy and dashing short looks.

Overall, the ’90s was a time for canceling out old beliefs about hair and discovering new ones. For instance, the ’90s taught us that those with shorter hair (less than three inches) have many styling options. Cropped hairstyles from the ‘90s proved that even short hair is versatile. 

The ’90s had a lasting impact on hair, so it only fits that we pay tribute to the decade of classic styles! 

We’ll be highlighting some of the top celebrities known for their outstanding hairdos. These are the people whose style made us drop everything and drive down for a quick salon appointment. If you have never thought of wearing a vintage look, keep reading. These stars will not only show you how it’s done but also make you want to rock one.

Toni Braxton 

The early ‘90s turned thousands into imitators of Toni Braxton’s sexy cropped haircut. To this day, we still can’t find an answer to the question of who actually introduced the fly pixie to the modern world, Toni or Halle? Considering her iconic status, who else would we begin the list with if not Toni Braxton?

Since the ’90s began, Toni has rocked all the styles you can think of. From sexy asymmetric bobs to super-long curls, she has done it all.

Check out a few of her most unforgettable hairstyles!

  • Cropped Haircut

This sexy cropped haircut Toni wore in the early ‘90s spawned her a multitude of imitators back then.  Every lady dreamed of sporting this stylish pixie cut.

  • Pixie Cutie

This finger-style, tousled pixie look was the face of the “Breathe Again”-era. It was just lovely!

  • Flipped Curls

In 1995, Toni Braxton stormed the American Music Awards, sporting a shorter shag cut with bangs and flipped curls.

  • Long Luster 

Braxton never did it the ordinary way. The release of her second album, Secrets, came with another dashing look. Toni looked elegant in a fresh new way, and her long, lustrous hairstyle complemented her look.

  • Straight, Dark, and Lovely

On her next appearance at the American Music Awards, the platinum-selling musician wore a new, bone-straight, dark, and lovely coif.

  • Flirty Strawberry Blonde Bangs

Fast forward to the early 2000s, when Toni Braxton sampled a new style with her hair. This time, she rocked flirty strawberry blonde bangs that gracefully grazed her eyelashes.

Clearly, you cannot talk about stars from the ’90s with fierce, sexy hairstyles without mentioning Toni Braxton.

Halle Berry

Do you want to know how Halle Berry attained her iconic status?

To begin with, she is a legendary actress and an iconic figure in Hollywood. Aside from that, her pixie cut from the ’90s is another ingredient in this movie star’s fame. 

This Oscar award-winning academy actress is also popular for her signature hairstyle, which she’s worn ever since the beginning of the ’90s. Having maintained this reputation for that long, this mother of two is undoubtedly the poster girl for short haircuts. 

Are you considering grabbing the scissors, or did you do so already? You might need to check out our list below to get the best out of your short hair. 

Trust us when we say that having short hair is not a barrier to rocking stunning styles. Thanks to Halle, we can show you a few ways to style your pixie cut the way Halle rocked hers years ago.

  • In 1990

Halle introduced two styles for a pixie cut. 

You can style the bangs sideways and layer your cut, or you can try out the huge mushroom style.

  • In 1992

Halle served us three different styles of the pixie hairdo. 

First, is the slicked-back pixie cut using gel or pomade. She also served as a pixie hairstyle with a front row center natural texture. Finally, thanks to Halle Berry, you can now style your pixie cuts with pointed bangs. 

  • In 1993

Halle Berry introduced the pixie cut with a super tapered style. Beauty without breaking a sweat!

  • In 1994

Halle’s new style that year shows that you can layer your pixie to add more volume without using any product.

Taking inspiration from Halle, there are still over 20 more ways to style your pixie cut. Halle was certainly the face of the pixie hairdo all through the ’90s.

Nia Long

Nia Long is a beautiful actress is a clear fact. She not only has an A-grade acting game but also wears fly hairstyles.

No matter her role in a movie, you will inevitably see a unique hairdo on her. In any film she was featured in, Nia’s character never wore a basic style. From her hair down to her outfits, she always stood out. (Her hairstyles especially!)

Movies like Friday and The Best Man, and even her star appearance on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, showed us an ever-dynamic and on-point Nia Long.

Nia Long was not only a sight to see in her movie appearances. She also extended her style and elegant hairstyles to the real world. Nia is one celebrity you looked forward to seeing on the red carpet at every 90’s event. Her look never failed to blow onlookers away when she entered the room!. 

If you are a lover of the good old ’90s, know that you can recreate Nia’s look easily. For most of us, our favorite hairstyle is the one she sported on Fresh Prince, where she acted as Lisa, Will Smith’s lover.

Nia makes one thing clear that we learned in the ’90s: self-expression doesn’t have to be complicated. Back then, glamour and style were all about keeping it simple and showing off your personality. And in that regard, Nia nailed it all through! She is famous for her fierce and sexy haircuts that always stood out!

She never repeated the same hairstyle twice. She was all about standing out and never looked like anyone else. Every one of her fire sexy hairdos perfectly represents her individualistic mindset.

It’s good to know that you can rock Nia Long’s hairstyle for less than $100. Less than 100 bucks! Can you believe it?

Brandy Norwood

Brandy Norwood is a singer and actress who gave us elegant hairstyles all through the ’90s. Brandy left her mark in our hearts that remains even to this day. Many of us still want to rock those legendary micro braids from her Moesha days.

She sampled different cuts, weaves, braids, and colors. Whatever that style is, Brandy definitely had a go at it. 

Besides being a sensation for teenagers and building a prosperous music career, Brandy was more than an artist! She also remains our hairstyle inspiration. 

Let’s go on a visual tour of Brandy with the braids, or if you like, “Braidy.” We’ll check out her hair transitions through the ’90s.

  • Iconic Micro Braids

Brandy Norwood’s braids game was top-class. Her braid styles were so popular that Mattel took inspiration from them. To celebrate this outstanding iconic look, Mattel launched a Barbie with micro braids. Brandy’s Barbies were seen in the 90s and ’00s.

  • Bunny Brandy

Nothing beats box braids besides box-braided space buns. And lovers and followers of Brandy Norwood will remember how she rocked these styles in her mid-teens.

  • Grand Jumbo Twists

For this hairstyle, Brandy sported grand jumbo twists. For her, it could never be too much. Her hair glossary will show you she’s always willing to try something new.

  • The Natural Afro

At one time, Brandy switched to a natural afro. Her fans can’t seem to get over this style just yet.

She wore a natural afro parted sideways. We have several options for styling afro hairstyles, but this entire huge look stands out. With its effortless yet cut-out curls, this style screams femininity.

Jada Pinkett

We’ve got a long list of 90’s Hollywood stars who made fierce hairstyle changes all through their careers. Arguably, Jada Pinkett Smith sits top on that list.

Jada is not just a mother of two (Jaden and Willow) and wife of Will Smith. She is not only just a star actress and host of the Red Table Talk. Jada is also remembered for her constant hairstyle changes throughout the ’90s.

She has rocked just about every style in the book; she owes every one of these changes to her glam squad, who made it possible, including her makeup artist and hairstylist, Abriol.

Sidebar- Jada is the reason I had my older sister help me dye my hair with a box of hair dye-labeled “platinum blonde” with a booster when I was in the 8th grade, without my mom’s permission.  She was the force behind many of my hair inspirations, including trying her hairstyle from Jason’s Lyric and A Low Down Dirty Shame movies.

Ok, let’s check out Jada Pinkett Smith’s hairstyle evolution through the 90s. Your next hairstyle might just be here!

  • The 1992 Braided Ponytail

She appeared at the Boomerang premiere in 1992, rocking a chic braided ponytail to the red carpet.

  • Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut

In 1998, at the 4th Annual Blockbuster Awards, a pregnant Jada still stole the show on the red carpet sporting a platinum blonde pixie cut.

  • Black Sleek Pixie Cut

Still in 1998, at the Return to Paradise Westwood premiere, Jada rocked her pixie cut, but she dyed it black this time.


This beautiful soul was taken from us much too soon.  The feminine music stage was not always for Beyoncé and Rihanna. Aaliyah Dana Haughton used to be on top in the ’90s making her inspirational mark on the stage and in the theaters headlining concerts and movies. 

Aaliyah set the standard for every young woman of the ’90s. She managed to prepare them with all they needed to be in charge in the 2000s. In the entertainment business, Aaliyah was a force to reckon with. 

Sadly, she had a very short career due to an unfortunate accident that took her life. Regardless of her career length, her legacy still blares, even after a decade.

Her ongoing and long-staying legacy stems from her incredible talent and her adorable style. Aaliyah is undoubtedly an unforgettable music legend.

Her long hair with a one-sided swoop and sunglasses crowned an outfit of closely-fitted midriff tops and baggy pants. The renowned princess of R&B’s style is not just a music star but also an icon.

She breathed an aura of freshness and style. At a time when the industry was filled with wannabes, Aaliyah was unique in every way.

She might be gone, but she’s still remembered! She is best known for her long hairstyle with the long side-swept bang over her eye. These looks provide plenty of material to inspire your next hairstyle.

Janet Jackson

We’re paying homage to legendary hairstyles from the ’90s, and it’s time to remember one living legendary singer and performer who comes from a talented musical family.  I had personally seen her in concert at least three times, and had the honor of seeing her famous brother, Michael Jackson, in concert when I was a kid.  I had my older sister do my hair by adding thin spiral curls, much like Janet’s hairstyle from the “That’s the way love goes” and “If” video. 

Janet Damita Jo Jackson. Her hairstyles were in style even before the ’90s. On the tour of her album, Control, in the ’80s, her hairstyle stole the show repeatedly. Since then, she’s been exploring different shades of glamour.  Janet has been known for her top-selling albums, several grammy awards, hot dance moves, hot body, and setting hair trends.  Let’s go down memory lane!

  • Jumbo Jet-Black Spiral Curls

This rock star’s first hairstyle was a jumbo jet-black spiral curl. She styled the curls into an 80’s pouf, and the result was chic and lovely.

  • Short Wavy Bob Cuts

Later, she rocked short wavy bob cuts that reached down to her cheek, looking elegant and modern.

  • Poetic Justice Braids

The dookie, or Poetic Justice braids, began in the ’90s. Janet was responsible for introducing this trend in 1993.

  • Hair Extensions

Nobody rocks hair extensions better than Janet Jackson. Her sun-streaked or blonde extensions are the most elegant of them all. 

  • Golden Blonde Spiral Curls

Janet launched the 50’s retro style in the ’90s with her short-layered haircut. In her younger years, Janet was a lover of soft curls and short layers.

Surely, every black girl with natural curls can find a lot of inspiration in Janet Jackson’s hairstyles.


These icons graced the 90’s with glamour and a heavy dose of style, and they still have insights to share with us today. 

Knowing about them and paying tribute is only the first step towards doing justice to their iconic style. Try out one of these retro styles at your next appointment with your hairstylist, and watch as heads turn your way!

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