The number of beauty and make-up social influencers on social media has been exploding lately. We eagerly await their next posts or videos, looking to them as a source of trusted advice.

They help us discover new directions in which to take our make-up looks, and they offer us practical clues for achieving the latest trends. They offer us guidance not only with our make-up, but also our hairstyles and beauty product choices. Eventually, many of them achieve maximum influence by launching beauty brands of their own.

Most make-up social influencers use their platform to raise awareness about worthy causes like BLM or growing challenges such as body image issues. Their impact in the beauty world is a strong force for good.

We’re excited to present these top make-up social influencers who are currently making waves in the beauty world. Celebrate them with us, and consider following some of them to get the tips they share periodically!

  1. Huda Kattan

Kattan, an Iraqi-American make-up artist and entrepreneur, is a respected figure in the beauty world. She’s often recognized by her brand, Huda Beauty. We love the story of how she co-founded this brand with her sisters Mona and Alya!

Kattan uses her platform to share beauty recommendations and information with millions of followers. Her social media accounts highlight her products and partnerships with other major brands in the industry.

  1. Nikkie de Jager

Nikkie de Jager is a Dutch make-up artist who came out openly in January 2020 as transgender.  One of the most notable names among make-up influencers, she shares helpful make-up videos with her subscribers on YouTube, where her journey as a make-up influencer began. She’s currently one of the most popular beauty YouTubers. 

Nikkie shares make-up tips, posts videos, and shows pictures of her make-up looks on her Instagram and YouTube platforms. 

  1. Zoë Sugg

Sugg has enjoyed a growing influence over the last ten years, in which she also established her brand, Zoella. Over 1.1 million people follow Zoella’sInstagram account. 

Like other influences, she posts her make-up experiments, and she discusses women’s issues and other crucial topics on her page. On her personal Instagram account, she journals everything around her for her followers’ enjoyment.

Sugg also doubles as a celebrated author. A few years ago in 2014, her book titled Girl Online was the fastest-selling debut novel, raking in sales of over 78,000 copies in less than a week of its release. 

  1. Manny Gutierrez

Gutierrez began his career as an influencer on Instagram, but later migrated to YouTube.


As a male influencer, Manny maintains a huge following, and in 2017, he was the only man featured in People’s Most Beautiful list. Manny’s prominence and relevance in the beauty world led to his role as Maybelline’s first male ambassador.

Manny shares make-up tips on his platform, as well as discussions of beauty issues and product reviews Manny’s iconic sense of humor makes his platform all the more enjoyable!

  1. Shayla Mitchell

Shayla has blazed a trail for people of color in the circuit of beauty influencers. Mitchell employs her social media platform to share her knowledge and make-up experiments.

If you follow her, you will notice how she never fails to achieve a striking touch of glamour. Making great use of both her Instagram and YouTube platforms, she’s your first stop for tips on beauty, make-up, and fashion.

  1. Thuy Le

Thuy Le got her start as a make-up and beauty influencer on Instagram. After doing make-up as a freelance engagement and  part-time at M.A.C. Cosmetics, she gradually gained a huge fan base. Now, this London-based influencer also shares original content on YouTube.

Her informative and fun videos are must-see treats that display the honesty she brings to her profession. Always ready to acknowledge her errors and make amends, she’s known for her integrity and no one can give you a better review than Thuy Le.

  1. Nabela Noor

Noor is a Bangladeshi-American who champions today’s radical shift away from stereotypes, especially about beauty. Nabela uses  her influence to champion the rights of marginalized societies. She also lends her voice to speak out against cyberbullying, which envelops both social and traditional media platforms.

Noor’s Instagram account is one of the best places to discover new beauty secrets, and it’s also her platform for important advocacy statements.

She’s also the founder of Noor House, a nonprofit organization that assists people with educational resources, free housing, and other needs. Her brand, Zeba, supports the Bangladesh-based JAAGO Foundation.

  1. Nyane Lebajoa

From Lesotho, Africa, Lebajoa modeled as a teenager. Later on, she turned all her attention to being a beauty influencer, focusing on areas like make-up and hair. 

While she gives us plenty of chic looks on her social media platforms, she famously doesn’t wear make-up at all off-camera. Lebajoa is known for her company, Temper, which deals in the sales of high-quality wigs.

  1. Marianna Hewitt

Hewitt began as a television host and later turned her attention to the world of beauty. After creating a YouTube account in 2012, she established her name as a huge beauty influencer in only two years.

She also owns a brand known as Summer Fridays which she co-founded with another beauty influencer, Lauren Ireland. Her brand specializes in skincare products, and she occasionally shares make-up tips on her Instagram account. 

  1. Kiitan Akinniranye

Hailing from Nigeria, Kiitan is presently a Los Angeles-based blogger who addresses topics surrounding fashion, travel, and beauty. 

Her blog gained her enough prominence to earn the status of an influencer. Her readers love her open discussions about her skin, hair, skin, and other topics. 

She also runs a headwrap company, Atarah Avenue, and holds partnerships with major fashion companies like Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren.

Kiitan shares her make-up routine with us on Instagram, where she also provides hairstyling tips and some fashion recommendations. 


These social make-up influencers are certainly diverse, but they all share a passion for beauty. After all, they began as beauty devotees before earning their influencer status.. Whenever you need make-up tips and ideas, consult these influencers online and let the inspiration flow!

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