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You may be familiar with Tracee Ellis Ross from hearing stories of her 25-year stint as a successful career actress. Maybe you’ve experienced her amazing aura and presence as a T.V host. Or maybe you’ve noticed the contagious energy she shares on her various social media platforms.

 Tracee Ellis Ross is notable for many reasons, but among them is her status as a lover of fashion and natural hair. This star actress’s flourishing romance with gorgeous clothes and chic hairstyles is plain for all to see. Tracee reflects this love in its truest form, and seeing her passion brings us joy.

Even more amazing is that, somehow, whenever Tracee appears on our screens, she manages to spread this joy to every one of us.

Tracee Ellis Ross: A Celebrity Who’s Earned The Limelight

You might remember watching Ross host the AMAs and being impressed by her gracious aura. Did you see her rock that wearable Moschino art at the Met Gala? Tracee’s outfits reflect her inner happiness, and that makes us happy, too.

Tracee’s incredible power can make us feel we have a personal rapport with her. Simply put, Ross is a walking ray of sunshine who makes the world a little bit brighter.

Tracee Ellis Ross shared her love for glamour and style in an interview with Elle. She explained, “Glamour to me is a ‘how,’ not a ‘what.’ It’s how you choose things, what makes your heart light up and your heart sing.” 

She also discussed glamour as an act of bravery: “I just watched that Halston limited series and I think of Elsa Peretti in those moments, and that sense of glamour is a sense of self, a sense of identity, and having the courage to live like that.”

Ross’ glamour and style will delight us for years to come. Her powerful brand of originality makes her a celebrity worth the limelight. She was our obvious choice for this celebrity highlight!

Meet The Beloved Tracee Ellis Ross

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Tracee Ellis Ross is actress, T.V host, producer, and model–and, furthermore, she’s an award-winning one. The daughter of the iconic musician, Diana Ross, Tracee Ellis Ross has managed to establish an indisputable spot for herself in the entertainment world. Throughout her lustrous career of over 25 years, Ellis Ross has clearly declared her presence as a force to be reckoned with. 

She played diverse roles as an actress and received several well-deserved awards and accolades. In addition to countless movie appearances, hosting TV shows, and music video features, she also makes her mark in the fashion world, thanks to her love for glamorous outfits and beautiful hairstyles. 

Tracee Ross is a Good Samaritan who tirelessly engages in social work and philanthropy. Ross was never motivated by popularity, but she still achieves worldwide impact. 

Given her diverse talents and her inner drive, Ross’s success was inevitable. One of her most notable successes was becoming the first African-American to bag a ‘Golden Globe’ award, in the category of ‘Best Actress in a TV Comedy’.

Ross maintains several social media profiles with a large and devoted fanbase. She offers her followers inspiration and tips on fashion and maintaining lovely natural hair.

Tracee Ellis Ross: A Lover Of Natural Hair

Tracee Ellis Ross’s amazing hair has been inspiring women for years. She sported iconic curls when she appeared on the hit show, Girlfriends, then went on to rock updos, curls, and braids on Blackish. She also dazzled us with her voluminous looks on The High Note.

Whether off-screen, on-screen, or on the red carpet, Ross consistently embraces her natural hair. This confidence has inspired her brand, Pattern, which produces hair treatment products. Some of these include: 

  • A Treatment Mask made from Moringa seed and rice water
  • A Scalp Serum infused with lavender oil and peppermint

In her own words, “This collection is all about modernizing historic home remedies, to honor the secret exchange between family and hair and the way it connects us to our legacy.” 

Source: Instagram

Over the last two decades, this actress has consistently inspired women of color and the hairstyles they choose. As a matter of fact, she disclosed in her interview with W  that although she only recently launched her haircare line, Pattern,she’d been envisioning this dream for 20 years.

She explains that: “Our culture now sees a broader spectrum of beauty, so a line like this is possible. I want women to find their most beautiful hair in their own bathrooms, just like they find their style in their own closets.”

Ross is uniquely qualified to say those words. Her hair reminds us of a time when we found the liberty to stand out; when we weren’t scared to style our hair to reflect a carefree aura. 


If your hair ritual needs inspiration, look no further than Ross. Her advice: start by seeking places of comfort. She refers to them as spaces “that make you feel good and empowered.”

She explains that this search requires effort, and she encourages “muting or unfollowing people on Instagram that don’t make you feel good about yourself. Find people to follow who mirror back your beauty, importance, and who you are.” 

Also, you should “Find activities that remind you of your strength, and find ways to be of service to something bigger than yourself.” 

And lastly, she says, “Be gentle and kind with yourself. Confidence is something that takes courage in a world that doesn’t always support who we are.”

Advice from an icon like Tracee Ross is worth noting. Few celebrities command as much respect, influence, and relevance as she does!

Tracee Ellis Ross on braids. Source: Instagram

Tracee Ellis Ross rocking her baby hairs. Source: Instagram

Tracee Ellis Ross sporting a slicked-back bun. Source: Instagram

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