Celebrity Highlight For The Week: Willow Smith

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Our celebrity highlight for the week is Willow Smith, the daughter of actor Will Smith and actress/talk show hostess Jada Pinkett Smith. Willow Smith perfectly fits the definition of true Hollywood royalty.

Willow Smith’s first taste of limelight and fame came in 2010, when she released her debut single “Whip My Hair.” Her debut single got millions of views all over various YouTube channels–a remarkable feat for a 10-year-old girl.

Well, that little girl has grown up to be an elegant woman, carrying her own distinct identity and lifestyle. Willow carries herself in a unique way and always stands out from the crowd.

She also remains a musical genius, composing and performing exceptionally well. The reflection, wisdom and intent she displayed as a child have only deepened as she grew to adulthood. . 

Willow is definitely a fascinating woman. What motivates her, and what really makes her tick? Read on to discover more about this one-of-a-kind celebrity!

Growing Up

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Will and Jada Pinkett Smith live a glamorous lifestyle that most of us can only dream of. However, for Willow Smith, this lifestyle has brought challenges as well as benefits. . 

While growing up, Willow had to deal with being in the public eye at all times. For many child celebrities, this can be overwhelming. 

In an interview with Girlgaze, Willow explained that, “Growing up and trying to figure out your life while people feel like they have some sort of entitlement to know what’s going on, is absolutely, excruciatingly terrible. The only way to get over it, is to go into it.”

Thankfully, Smith didn’t run away from this situation into seclusion. Instead, she took her fame in stride. Willow explains that many kids in her position have struggled to cope. 

She says, “I feel like most kids like me end up going down a spiral of depression. And the world is sitting there looking at them through their phones, laughing and making jokes and making memes at the crippling effect that this lifestyle has on the psyche.”

The “Whip My Hair” Trajectory

Source: hollywoodlife.com

Following the release of Willow Smith’s first single, “Whip My Hair,” she suddenly came into the limelight, achieving an unusual degree of fame for someone her age.  Understandably, she found this overwhelming.  She opened up about the “Whip My Hair” trajectory on an episode of the Red Table Talk hosted by her mom, where she confessed that her dream of becoming a musician went out of her grip. 

She recalls,, “Everyone [was] trying to make me better, trying to make my dream. But I didn’t really understand what my dream entailed.” Well, who expects a kid of her age to fully grasp what this dream of hers entailed?

This stressful situation drove her to shave her head while on tour, as she simply wanted to go back home. In an interview with Vulture, she admitted, “That’s so insane. That was a crazy night, I remember it. I was very nervous because it was like, ‘Dang, am I gonna miss my hair?'”

However, one thing’s for sure: her bold hair decision definitely made a statement. 

How It All Went Down 

According to Will Smith, Willow’s father, his daughter delivered a stunner while on the “Whip My Hair” tour. While in Dublin on the Justin Bieber tour, she went to her father and told him she was ready to go home.  Will explained to her why this wasn’t possible and told her she had to follow through, reminding her she promised Jay Z she’d complete the 30-day tour. Her rebuttal to her dad was, “no, you promised Jay Z.”  That 9-year-old Willow did not budge. The next day, Will Smith met with another shock that further confirmed her readiness to leave the tour. Willow suddenly appeared with her head shaved.  A real stunner!!!

Willow’s big move was an eye-opener for Will. He explains, “She taught me a valuable lesson. And I was like, ‘Baby, I get it.’ We can go home.”

One thing we learned from the “Whip My Hair” trajectory: Willow Smith is extraordinarily strong-willed. Even at a tender age, this girl had her own values and metrics clearly defined, and she understood the power that lay in her voice.

Kudos, Willow! We hope more young people can emulate your courage.

Willow Smith’s View on Fashion And Style

Source: celebrityinsider.com

Willow Smith has always had a distinct sense of fashion. For her, style isn’t superficial; she views fashion as a true art form.

In an interview with Teen Vogue, she explains that “I have some cool shoes on … and I wear crazy eyeliner, but it’s really all about emulating the colors you feel inside. A lot of clothes are cute, but after you buy the Yeezy shoes, after you get your hair done with a weave, you’re still the same person.” 

Willow is thrilled to participate in the fashion, style and beauty industry. She revealed in her interview that “Being a young African-American woman with dreads, it blows my mind that I’m a Chanel ambassador. Like, how am I a Chanel ambassador? It is so beautiful.”

Willow Smith is also fully aware of the challenges that come with rocking her natural hair, and she does so with amazing dignity.

In an interview with The Cut, she tells us, “We’re best friends. I love my locs and they love me. I’m just really calm about it now. When I had my hair out and not in locs, it was such a hassle every single day, trying to do … whatever to it. Having the locs is just amazing. I can go about my life now and not worry about it.” Sounds like somebody is really loving her hair.

Willow Serves Us Fierce Rock and Roll Look on The Cover of V Magazine

Source: V Magazine; the June 2021 edition

Check out the cover of V Magazine; the June 2021 edition, where Willow Smith serves us a fierce Rock and Roll look in black. The photographers here were Domen and Van de Velde.

Willow Smith is a rockstar here, in a Valentino dress and Rockstud Alcove bag accompanied by Cartier watches. According to the stylist, Nicola Formichetti, the look plays up progressive fashion looks. Nicola’s muse definitely comes from her rock and roll aesthetic.

Smith’s look also parades Valentino’s Roman Palazzo Line and Cartier jewelry. Makeup artist, Raoul Alejandre perfected an appealing and striking eyeshadow makeup, whileVernon Francois styled her hair.

This look is more than a magazine cover. According to one of Willow’s interviews with Alexis White from Straight Line Stitch. Alexis White is one of Willow Smith’s idols and a forerunner for black women trading their art in the punk-rock industry.

In this interview, Willow exposed her fans to her life as a black female rockstar, discussing her musical background and growth and how much her mother, Jada, inspires her. 

“I think that seeing my mom on stage and how she commanded the music and the band just made me see ‘That’s what I want to be. I want to be that strong woman who is putting it all out there on the stage.’”

Introducing Her Newly Released Album, “Lately I Feel Everything”

In many ways, Willow’s fourth solo album continues to reveal her lifelong battles, expressing all the shades of powerful emotion Willow has experienced..

Her trove of pop-rock stylings moves from nu-metal to pop-punk, a layout that conveys the joy, the fear, the pride, and the subtle paranoia Willow feels. This album, in many ways, is Willow’s statement that “Lately I feel Everything.”

Willow Smith and her co-producer Cole display significant potential as rock composers and singers in this album. These two are fierce and genuine guitarists, and when you listen to the bluesy riffs on their prior albums, you’ll have no doubt. 

As you listen to “Transparent Soul,” you can hear the guitar sounding above everything else, followed by the filter and fades accompanying the pummeling opening of “Gaslight” and continuing through the very end 

Willow lashes on with remarkable control, her voice rising tonelessly one minute and drifting across various notes the next, as she moves with ease from one syllable to the next.

This album is a seamless blend of multiple rock sub varieties, mingling perfectly thanks to Willow’s dexterity and the influence of the early 2000s. Remember the echoing guitars from “XTRA” or the pop-rock sound of Pink’s Missundaztood? 

Overall, “Lately I feel Everything” remains stuck between its purpose and its impact from start to finish. Willow Smith uses the genre to pave a way through her battles with mental illness. Her songs still strike a note of optimism as she consciously approaches every single pitch.

This album is further proof of Willow’s fierce and perhaps audacious musical intentions. The air of refinement that pervades this album helps to balance the deep emotions it contains.

Willow Smith As An Advocate For Every Woman Out There

Source: Pinterest

Despite her young age, Willow Smith is woke in the best sense of the word. She’s conscious of social problems and champions feminist causes, realizing women’s need to acknowledge we’re all in this together.

In her interview with Girlgaze, Willow says, “If other women aren’t going to respect other women we are pretty much f*****.”

While Willow supports all feminist causes, she’s disappointed to see black girls and women often neglected in these struggles.. 

She mentioned that in her interview with Harper Bazaar that, “It’s complicated because I support the womanist movement, the feminist movement, any movement that’s supporting women. But it really hurts my heart that there was this chasm between white women and black women, and that it’s still happening even in the feminist movement today.”

Smith staunchly supports women’s rights advocacy and the need for equity, believing that women have the advantage and we must use it in the best way.


From her childhood to today, Willow’s inspiring life continues to prove why women of color are valuable assets in building our nation. 

Willow Smith’s life as a musician and daughter presents a remarkable blueprint for every young person. Little wonder that we picked her as our celebrity highlight for the week!

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