She’s a rapper, singer, and songwriter, and certainly a lot more! In addition to being a music star, Doja Cat has an inspirational sense of style.

Doja Cat is one of those celebrities who models class, sleekness, and elegance. Her hair game is on point. Her outfits are always glamorous. And, of course, her makeup routine is likely the most fascinating you will ever see.

Aside from giving us back-to-back hits like “Say So,” Doja Cat is also famous for her creative looks. Her spectacular e-girl makeup and striking wig array have helped propel her to fame.  Whether she’s stepping onto the red carpet or starring in a music video, she never fails to dazzle.

Her hairdo or wig always sets her apart from the crowd. With nonstop dramatic makeup looks, she’s the poster girl for every lover of fierce, stunning reddish palettes.

Doja Cat’s Source Of Inspiration

However, before we take inspiration from this goddess of glam, how about finding out her source of inspiration first?

In an interview with American Vogue, Doja cat reveals the source of her inspiration. She credits two main sources for her daily looks. They are:

  • The Tumblr girls
  • Harajuku culture 

The connection between her style and the Tumblr girls isn’t hard to trace.. Just like these girls, she loves to appear “intentionally sick” like someone with a really bad cold. That might not sound cute, but when you see some of her looks, you can understand the appeal.

The Tumblr girls might not seem like the usual source of inspiration. Still, Doja Cat’s unique on e-girl beauty is a major contributor to her rise to global fame. 

Now, she is a source of inspiration to many for lovely hairdos. Likewise, many girls worldwide imitate her spirited makeup look.

In one of her videos, Doja Cat reveals how long it takes to complete her daily make-up and hair routine. If you’ve got an hour and a half to spare, you can easily achieve her signature look.

Tips To Achieving Doja Cat’s Creatively Stunning Look

If you’re a fan of Doja Cat’s creative hairstyles and make-up routine, these tips are for you. From Doja Cat herself, these guidelines will help you mirror her makeup routine and achieve that e-girl look.

  1. Apply Your Serums

Doja Cat reveals that she applies her serums and essence after cleansing and exfoliating by slapping them onto her face

Slapping brings out that flushed, red skin, just like the e-girls.

  1. Your Lip Balm Can Be Your Eye Cream

Note: we do not recommend applying your eye cream on other parts of your face. However, Doja Cat uses the remnant of her eye cream on her lips before beginning her makeup.

This part might seem strange, but you’ll be rewarded with a unique effect!

  1. Apply Layers Of Oil On Your Moisturizer

Whether you have dry skin or you want to appear slightly sweaty, this tip works perfectly. Doja Cat recommends applying layers of oil to your moisturizer before applying your base products. 

According to Doja Cat, this step helps to hold your look down all day and gives your foundation a more natural look.

  1. Water and Cleansing Oil Are Perfect Additions To Your Beauty Blender

This tip appears counter-productive. But, Doja Cat affirms that by using water and cleansing oil to wet her Beauty Blender, she achieves a nicer makeup look 

Doja Cat explains that this blend can help to push out your foundation!

  1. Your Blush Is Your Best Friend

You can wear a deliberate “sick” look by using your blush all over your nose. Next, apply it across your cheeks and on your eyelids and lips.

In her own words, she says, “I just start packing it onto my nose. I scrub it. I scrub my nose.”

This creates the illusion that you have been blowing your nose all day long. It does so in a way that’s really cute, though! Like some of the other steps, this one sounds quirky, but the result justifies the means.

  1. Even More Blush Will Help

To wear that e-girl look, you must be ready to appear red and super glossy. And, to achieve that dewy complexion, Doja Cat applies watery blush slightly on her powder blush. 

This tip comes in very handy due to how quickly powder blush fades off.

Adding a liquid on top helps seal it in.

  1. Use Your Blush To Line Your Eyes

After applying your blush all over your nose, you should do the same to your eyes. Doja Cat grabs a blending brush and applies blush into her crease and all over her eye.

She says, “It just makes you look cold— like you’re cold. And I don’t know what’s so sexy about being cold but I like to look like I’m freezing cold.”

  1. Your Brows Will Pop When You “Mattify” Them

Once she fills in her brows, she proceeds to apply loose powder all over her brows. This is how she carefully “mattifies” her brow. 

Doja Cat finds that most pomades and pencils give your brows that shiny look under certain light conditions. For a more natural look, mattifying is the best choice.

  1. Use Faux Freckle

Faux freckles are an important component of Doja Cat’s makeup routine. She applies these faux freckles all over her face and her forehead, lips, and nose area, adding to the glam of her makeup routine. 

  1. Every Freckle Should Stand Out

When following the tip above, remember that every freckle must stand out. Doja Cat advises that you “leave some of them darker than the others” to make them look natural.

Doja Cat’s Hairstyles 

Doja Cat is known for showcasing an outstanding makeup look whenever she steps out. Yet her hairstyles are also essential to her overall style! Let’s check out some of her attention-worthy hairstyles

Her Natural Hair

Over time, this music star has maintained glamorous looks with her array of colorful wigs. In particular, her neon lace front wigs always steal the show whenever she hits the red carpet.

However, she recently flaunted her 4C textured natural hair on Instagram Live. The acceptance and praises she enjoyed afterward were overwhelming. Series of tweets began to roll in, mostly expressing appreciation for this inspiring move

Since this hair type rarely gets TV or social media representation, Doja Cat truly took a bold step. Thanks to this step, most of her followers with a similar hair type are ready to rock theirs too. 

Her Choppy Mullet Hairstyle At Grammy Awards 2021

After receiving three individual nominations at the Grammy Awards 2021, Doja Cat proceeded to steal the show at the night’s red carpet with a look that left us in shock and awe. 

First of all her gorgeous custom Roberto Cavalli dress was a total showstopper.

Additionally, the “Say So” singer wore a classic choppy mullet hairstyle. This hairstyle (a wig) perfectly reflects Doja Cat’s creativity, and she coordinated it intentionally with her makeup. 

Both the choppy mullet hairstyle and her dark smokey eye makeup crowned Doja Cat’s elegant rock n’ roll appearance. Her Grammy appearance highlights her skill in designing a whole ensemble.

Other creative hairstyles Doja Cat has rocked include:

  • Cotton Candy Pink
  • Classic Braids
  • Burgundy Straight Slay
  • Barbie Blonde Waves


Doja Cat is famous for her music, but . her elegance and fashion expertise express her visual artistic talents as well

Doja Cat loves variety, and we’ll never know what to expect from her hairstyles and makeup. However, we can be sure she’ll always give us something to drool over!

Doja Cat’s constantly evolving style provides us with endless hair and makeup inspiration. Try it out today!

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